About The Producer

Guitarist Chuck Lange has sold over 1 million CDs to the relaxation music market Little Cedar Studio founded by Chuck Lange

The Little Cedar Studio Corporation was founded in 1994 by Chuck Lange, a Wisconsin composer, musician and naturalist whose love of music and for the beauty of nature and wildlife has taken him to the far corners of the earth where he has spent a lifetime compiling a spectacular collection of sights and sounds.

The Cedar Lake Nature Series and Health and Wellness Series have been created for people like you who share Chuck's love of nature and wildlife - who find peacefulness, serenity and inspiration in the beauty of our natural world.

Using state-of-the-art authoring tools, soothing original music is blended with high quality digital nature video from some of the world's most beautiful places to bring you the unmistakable feeling of being there.

Each music video in the DVD series serves as your own personal portal to relaxation and nature. Each allows you to escape at any time you wish - to move beyond everyday realities into a dimension where visual beauty, the sounds of nature and soothing music offer you a peaceful respite from tension and stress.

Latin Rhythms - Smooth Latin Jazz
In addition to producing original music for the Cedar Lake music series, Chuck Lange is also one half of the jazz duo Latin Rhythms. Chuck plays Latin nylon string acoustic guitar while the duo's other half, Jay Heppe, plays percussion. For more information, visit Latin Rhythms.

Chuck Lange (left side) performing at Summerfest. The worlds largest music festival.