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Make pregnancy stress slip away with this collection of original, soothing music. Whether you have a baby on the way, or need lullaby music for babies, treat yourself and your baby to a nature-inspired collection of relaxing songs and sleeping music.

Recognizing that research studies have consistently proven music's effectiveness as a natural means of relaxation, the Maternity Music Series from Cedar Lake DVD offers two unique musical collections to help you cope with stress during and after pregnancy.

Perfect for bonding with baby, "Soothing Rhythms for Mothers-to-Be" is a collection of calming songs played on guitar and keyboard blended with authentic nature sounds. The CD is a great pregnancy music option to be used as womb music throughout the pregnancy or music for birth during the delivery.

A collection of sleep-enhancing songs for baby, "Nature's Lullabies" combines sounds from nature with original music played on guitar and keyboard. Great to help baby sleep and especially helpful for fussy babies, the CD will lull you and your baby into restful slumber.

Maternity Music Series SetMaternity Music Series Set Prepare for the birth of baby and have a go-to lullaby CD once baby arrives by purchasing as a set for a discounted price. (CDs also sold separately.) More Product Details Soothing Rhythms for Mothers-to-BeSoothing Rhythms for Mothers-to-Be Use "Soothing Rhythms" to prepare for and bond with your new arrival. (Also sold with Nature's Lullabies as a set.) More Product Details Nature's LullabiesNature's Lullabies Once baby arrives, rely on "Nature's Lullabies" as your go-to calming music CD. ( Also sold with Soothing Rhythms as a set.) More Product Details